Why it Matters

Since 1999, there have been 213 officers struck and killed while making traffic stops. Surprisingly, the yearly totals tragically remain in double-digits despite a national acceptance of Slow Down Move Over laws.

Greater driver awareness of the laws and changing driver behavior is paramount in achieving a significant reduction in these senseless tragedies.


All 50 states have Slow Down Move Over laws, with 49 including tow trucks and/or emergency roadside assistance workers

Occupational injury and fatality rates are more than 2x the national average for emergency responders than workers for all other industries

slow down move over

When you see flashing lights on the side of the road, either slow down, & if possible, move over one lane away from police, emergency & first responders

slow down move over

If caught violating the law, drivers can face serious fines and possibly gain points on their license if violation results in serious injury or death

Protect Those Who Protect You

Police, emergency & first responders risk their lives every day on our roads.
This video highlights some of the real consequences for failing to pay attention around accidents, construction sites & traffic stops.